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JJ’s & The Boozy Bakery:
Charcuterie Board Contest

August 5th, 2024

Youth Contest (ages 10-20) @ 4:30PM
1st Place: $50 Queen City Gift Card + a Swanky Charcuterie Board Trophy
2nd Place: $25 Queen City Gift Card
3rd Place: $15 Queen City Gift Card

Adult Contest (ages 21+) @ 5:30PM
1st Place: $100 JJ’s Gift Card + a Swanky Charcuterie Board Trophy
2nd Place: $75 JJ’s Gift Card
3rd Place: $50 JJ’s Gift Card

Who can enter: It is FREE for anyone to enter their age group.

What you will need:
  1. You will need to pre-register by noon of the contest day, so we can send you a confirmation email. Outside food and coolers are not allowed at the fair, so this email may be needed at the gate to confirm your participation in the contest. Food and coolers must go directly from the gate to the Arts Center and back to your vehicle following your contest. All coolers are subject to being searched for security purposes.
  2. Food and equipment needed to assemble your display, including your board. (Food MUST be precut as cutting knives are not allowed. Spreaders are allowed.)

When: Check in 20 minutes before your contest start time.

Where: Arts Center Contest Corner, located at the NW corner of the Expo’s North Room.

Contest Process:
After checking in, each contestant will be allowed to choose an available station to set up. You can remove your ingredients from your bag/cooler, but leave them in their closed package or container until the contest starts. Charcuterie boards must be placed upside down.

Contest is 30 minutes long. When the contest starts, contestants will flip over their boards and begin assembly. Judges may walk around and ask questions as you work.

At the end of the 30 minutes, the judges will make a decision and the winners will be announced and awarded their prizes. At which point, all contestants can pack up and return their food and coolers to their vehicles.

JJ’s & The Boozy Bakery: Charcuterie Board Contest Entry Form


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