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Twisted Sisters Sweetz: Decorate Before You Bake Cookie Contest

Twisted Sister Sweetz is looking for your best scrumdiddlyumptious cookie, without icing. It can be any type of cookie, as long as it’s delicious. Rolled, Dropped, Cut out, Spritz, Tuiles, Sandwiched, you name it. (Non-icing related fillings, like jam, are permitted.) Winner receives a $100 gift certificate. Yep, $100.

Not only do these cookies need to taste great, but they need to look amazing too. BUT… here’s the catch. You CANNOT use a drop of icing, frosting, glaze, ganache, chocolate coating or anything related. All cookies must be decorated BEFORE they are baked, with the exception of powdered sugar for a dusting.

Believe me, it’s not impossible. Here are some ideas, but we want you to be original with your decorations. You can color your dough and make designs before baking. You can strategically place sprinkles, nuts, candy bits, fruit bits, or chocolate chips before baking. You can take a stained-glass approach. You can fold, braid, or use lattice work with certain doughs. Loads of options. We just want to see your creativity.

This contest is free to enter, and it is for all ages. Judging takes place in the Arts Center at the Sioux Empire Fair on August 6, at 4PM. All entries must be submitted to the Arts Center by 3:30PM that day.

Contest rules:
1. Contestants must be pre-registered by August 1st. You can register online or by filling out the form and sending it into the fair office. You will receive a confirmation email.
2. Contestants must submit the printout of their registration confirmation email with their entry.
3. Recipe must also be included with the cookies at time of submission.
4. Twisted Sisters Sweetz is looking for a set of 4x cookies, roughly 2 inches or larger in size. Any shape.
5. The cookies MUST be decorated before being baked and CANNOT be decorated with icing of any sort.

Judging Criteria: Taste……………………..60% Decoration ……………...40%

Decoration is a key here, so select the disposable container you submit them in carefully.

Twisted Sisters Sweetz: Decorate Before You Bake Cookie Contest Entry Form

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