Welcome to the Sioux Empire Fair!

July 31 - August 9, 2015

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Arts and Hobbies

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The Sioux Empire Fair offers exhibits for many hobbies. You may enter as an adult, senior citizen or junior (ages 15 and younger) and have some options for men only and disability.  Each exhibit class is free to enter and the prizes vary.

Contests are a fun live audience and judging alternative. A great way to show your skills with the support of family and friends. 

Relaxing at the fairFolks relax and make wood knick-knacks. 

Please navigate the listings for different exhibits and contests. We're sure we have something that fits your hobby. If you need assistance, feel free to Contact Us

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2014 Superintendents: 

Front: Lorraine Pearson, Evelyn Berg, Lavonne Rose; Middle: Wendy Ketcham, Debra Carter, Joanne Heggen, Judy Vandersnick; Back: Gary Ketcham, Gilbert Mohrhauser, Wendy Sweeter. Thanks to Lorraine, Evelyn, Lavonne and Dorothy Jorgenson for their years of service to the Arts Center as they retire.

2014 Sunbonnet Contest Winners:

Judge: Abby, First: Joyce Dabbert, Second: Allie Miller, Third: Brenda Wade Schmidt, Sponsor: Pat Gustaf

Artwork, Crafts & Misc. Hobbies:
-Coming spring of 2015